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Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation now makes a lot of sense for hundreds-of-thousands of Americans and can save millions of dollars for US consumers that are in serious debt. If you possess the discipline and financial resources to accomplish debt consolidation independently, we encourage you to get started on your self-help debt relief strategy today. Should you prefer to evaluate your professional debt relief options and become debt-free – while saving money and time through Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement; you’ve come to the right place. We teach consumers about credit and finances while also providing self-help tools for budgeting and other techniques for debt relief. Our objective at National Debt Law is to assist individuals and families with all aspects of their credit and debt. Debt management programs can get you out of debt and put an end to your financial stress please complete the form to schedule your free credit and debt counseling appointment. 

Free Debt Consolidation

Individuals facing financial difficulties experience very different situations. That’s why, when you contact nationaldebtlaw.com credit counseling program and debt relief services for troubled consumers and credit cardholders. To solve a problem you must understand the problem. Debt management counselors understand the situation and know the industry from experience.

Understanding Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt in the form of secured debt obligations like a car loan or home equity loan is leveraged with physical assets that can be forfeited during default or bankruptcy. As a result, secured debt cannot be consolidated or reduced by normal means. To alter the terms of a mortgage or auto loan, you’ll usually need to enter a refinancing program – if possible.

Debt Consolidation Program

Rather than take out a costly loan that many produce limited long-term savings, consider opting for a proven debt consolidation program from a trusted provider. National Debt Law is one of the country’s foremost authorities on debt consolidation and has been successfully-providing debt consolidation programs and debt settlement services for years. Like a debt consolidation loan, the debt consolidation and settlement processes can help you reduce and pay down your debts in less time than a self-managed program of debt relief. Unlike a debt consolidation loan, it can actually reduce the principal balances on your existing debts by as much as 50%.

Debt Consolidation Choices

Debt Consolidation combined with a budget plan is practical and a positive step towards long-term debt relief and professional qualification for legitimate debt settlement programs. We help consumers regain control of finance with proven debt management plans that will help you reduce your outstanding debts and repay the balance at a reduced rate (often -50%) over a fixed period of time. A debt management plan will be individually tailored to the client and based on what that client can realistically afford to pay on a monthly basis. To achieve an accurate figure and support the clients we provide a Free Budget Planner template on this website. Our Free Budget Planner template (income and expenditure spreadsheet) is available for download.

National Debt Law Debt Consolidation Plan

National Debt Law we freely inform, counsel, and self-empower American consumers to resolve debt problems and also offer professional debt relief options to qualified clients, including Debt Consolidation. When self-discipline and information and electronic tools are not enough, National Debt Law debt relief options are specifically-designed for individuals seeking trust-worthy one-to-one professional help.

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