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Debt Relief Information

No matter how difficult your financial situation may seem, available options always exist. Our professional team of debt relief advocates at National Debt Law has provided a range of debt and finance information and relevant articles as well as free tools and resources for our viewers. This information combined with the available tools can help you accurately determine your situation and make a plan to resolve your outstanding, out-of-control debt.  The content by National Debt Law is designed for anyone who desires a sound financial future, wants to get out of debt, or wants to stay out of debt. Our goal is to be the only financial resource you need to deal with your debt.

Please take some time to continue to look through our site and learn more about how we save time and money for our clients. You’ll find testimonials and settlement letters from many satisfied customers and learn everything you need to know about credit card debt, personal finance, and the debt consolidation process itself. We provide unparalleled and growing content about a range of topics related to understanding and reducing debt.

When you contact us through our website, we deliver you to a trusted debt specialist. Your debt specialist will present debt-reduction options and outline a strategy based on your needs. When you decide on one or more service plans, you have an advocate to help you organize your finances for a debt-free life.

Debt Relief Information Tools and Options

Recognizing that you need to do something about your debts is an important first step on your road back to financial solvency. Whether your credit problems have become a pressing emergency or you’re merely looking to shore up your finances before it’s too late, you have several plausible options at your disposal.

If you have debt problems then the solution can only be helped by debt relief information, debt relief tools, and debt relief options that can empower you. The professional team at National Debt Law has gathered information about finance and the debt industry to help you make informed decisions. We’ll continue to add information and debt relief tools to this website in addition to providing professional debt relief options and cost-saving solutions for our valued customers.

The content on the nationaldebtlaw.com website is designed for anyone who desires a sound financial future, wants to get out of debt, or wants to stay out of debt.

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National Debt Law

Debt Relief Options

How Does FICO Credit Score Work?

FICO credit scores generally range between a low of 300 and 850 as the highest possible score. Higher scores indicate a lower credit risk to lenders. Each individual has nearly 50 different credit scores comprised for the Fair Isaac FICO scoring model as each of three national credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, has its own database. HOW DOES FICO CREDIT SCORE WORK?


Debt Settlement (also referred to as debt negotiation, negotiated debt settlement, or sometimes incorrectly called debt consolidation) means that your debt is negotiated to a reduced amount and paid off in a lump sum. In some rare cases, multiple payments are utilized to pay off the debt, settling the account in full. DEBT SETTLEMENT FAQ


Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) – A mortgage with an interest rate that can change based on changes in a specified index. Adjusted Balance – An interest calculation method used by some credit card issuers in which they subtract all payments made during the month, then add the calculated finance charges. FINANCE TERMS AND DEFINITIONS


We’re here to advocate for US citizens that would like to be free of debt and are seeking reliable trustworthy professional services. Debt is a problem. That problem can be beaten with planning, strategy, and action. We operate in a majority of the United States and collectively have over 20 years of experience in the debt relief and financial services industries. DEBT RELIEF PROGRAMS.


Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was passed to protect customers from being shaken down by collection companies. This act restricts the tactics they may use. Please note: The FDCPA applies to outside collection agencies, the ones that most credit card companies hire after their own attempts have failed, and not to the collection department within the card company or other lender. FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT


A credit card is something that you use to make cashless purchases. When you charge it to your card that means you can take home the items you purchased with a promise that you will pay for it in the future. That refers to a short term future because credit card companies send monthly billings that includes the purchased amount, interest rate, and other fees and charges. CREDIT CARD DEBT


Your credit score is an up-to-date snapshot of your financial life. In the United States, there are 3 three major credit bureaus that compile and issue credit reports for consumers: Equifax and Experian, and TransUnion. These reports result in a FICO credit score which determines viability for lending. DEBT RELIEF AFFECT CREDIT SCORE?


A Debt Lawsuit Statute of Limitation is the length of time someone can bring a legal suit against you. Below is a state-by-state list of Statue of Limitations. Statute of Limitation for unpaid Credit Card bills: If you fall behind in your credit card payments, the card issuer can sue you for payment. DEBT LAWSUIT STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS

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