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Debt Relief Tools

Debt is one of the most pervasive problems faced by Americans today, get free DEBT RELIEF TOOLS. While protecting American consumers no longer appears to be the high-priority it once seemed to be, new changes in FICO 9 credit reporting are offering new consumer protections. When you watch the news you’re bombarded with financial and political scandals and lawsuits surrounding the abuse of Americans through financial instruments.

These financial instruments include high-interest credit cards and student loans and payday loans. If you’re in debt and seeking to empower yourself then the debt relief advocates at nationaldebtlaw.com are here to help by offering you free access to online debt relief tools.

Debt Relief Tools Options and Information

Recognizing that you need to do something about your debts is an important first step on your road back to financial solvency. Whether your credit problems have become a pressing emergency or you’re merely looking to shore up your finances before it’s too late, you have several plausible options at your disposal.

If you have debt problems then the solution can only be helped by debt relief information, debt relief tools, and debt relief options that can empower you. The professional team at National Debt Law has gathered information about finance and the debt industry to help you make informed decisions. We’ll continue to add information and debt relief tools to this website in addition to providing professional debt relief options and cost-saving solutions for our valued customers.

The content on the nationaldebtlaw.com website is designed for anyone who desires a sound financial future, wants to get out of debt, or wants to stay out of debt.

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Debt Relief Information

National Debt Law

Debt Relief Options


FICO credit scores generally range between a low of 300 and 850 as the highest possible score. Higher scores indicate a lower credit risk to lenders. Each individual has nearly 50 different credit scores comprised for the Fair Isaac FICO scoring model as each of three national credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, has its own database. SELF-GUIDED FICO CREDIT REPAIR PROGRAM


When will I pay off my debt? If you are making minimum payments on credit cards and unsecured debt then you deserve to know how much interest you’ll pay and when you’ll pay off your balance. The DEBT PAYMENT CALCULATOR is simple to use and free to access the tool. If you don’t like what you find consult a specialist and review your debt relief options including debt settlement. DEBT PAYMENT CALCULATOR


Where does the money go? Download our FREE BUDGET PLAN TEMPLATE now and you will know. Our free budget plan template is a great way to take control of your finances and save for a goal or maybe just get out of debt and stay out of debt permanently. This Excel worksheet (.xls) calculates income and expenses. FREE BUDGET PLAN TEMPLATE


Do I have a debt situation or a DEBT PROBLEM?  Most American adults have credit and therefore most Americans have debt. The really important question is whether or not that debt is a problem for you and the people around you. Take this quick and simple survey and answer the questions honestly if you feel you might need to take a closer look at the severity of your debt situation. DEBT PROBLEMS CHECKLIST

Who Can I Talk To About My Debt? DEBTORS ANONYMOUS (DA) is a 12-step program for people who want to stop incurring compulsive debt and require a community of support. There are over (500) five-hundred Debtors Anonymous meetings held weekly and in (9) nine countries – as well as online support. Get help and support while identifying the challenges that are causing the financial hardships in your life and determining and pursuing the best course of action. DEBTORS ANONYMOUS

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