Personal Indian currency (IIM) coupon codes, 1909-40; ledgers, 1925-61; and check data, 1928-34

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Personal Indian currency (IIM) coupon codes, 1909-40; ledgers, 1925-61; and check data, 1928-34

Personal Indian currency (IIM) coupon codes, 1909-40; ledgers, 1925-61; and check data, 1928-34

Reimbursable plans getting education and subsistence loans, 1921-45

Textual Records (in Denver): Communications on the Commissioner off Indian Points, comprising letters delivered, 1880- 1927, and you will obtained, 1878-1927. Miscellaneous letters delivered, 1880- 1927, and you will acquired, 1877-1915. Local characters delivered, 1910-27, and you will received, 1908-20. General communication, 1878-1919. Central decimal records, 1917-58. Yearly account, 1879-1925. Game letters, 1877-1907. Professionals ideas, including an enter off teams, 1878-1925; administration suggestions, 1910-49; and you can reports, 1892-1934. Battle bond promotion info, 1943-45. Service strengthening arrangements, 1881-1916. Bucks accounts, 1878-80. Details away from receipts and you will disbursements, 1878-1933. Recapitulation out-of documents, 1919-34. Appropriation ledgers, 1907-41. Allocation ledgers, 1941-47. Costs ledgers, 1920-51. Standard ledger, 1941-forty-eight. Grazing permits and you will book administration details, 1901-65. Land purchase investment data files, 1933-47. Information in regards to the latest utilization of forestry system situations, 1911-48, in addition to wood permit receipts and you can log measure instructions. People permits, 1878-1915. Information in accordance with Indian laborers, along with payroll away from Indian freighters, 1892-1926, and you may invoices and you can files, 1892-1941. Possessions valuations, 1910. Home info, in addition to allowance and you can heirship investment document, 1941; term case data files, 1955-56; and book instance data files, 1953-69. Information regarding the sugar beet system, 1nine06- 9. Agriculture and stock increasing suggestions, 1887-1940. Ideas regarding the Roadway Section, 1938-49. Disaster Conservation Really works and you can Civilian Conservation Corps suggestions, also administrative files, 1933-43; endeavor data, 1933-42; enrollee details, 1938- 42; progress profile, 1933-41; and you may bookkeeping ledgers, 1933-43. Financing direction ledger, 1930. Industrial questionnaire, 1925. Facts in accordance with irrigation, and program facts, 1898- 1944. Agriculture profile, 1898-1917. Family history cards, 1909. Beginning and you may death certificates and you may records, 1915-19. Resorts Rod Census, 1900. Set of Indians during the Fort Belknap Agencies, 1878. Tribal council moments, 1904. U.S. Armed forces discharges out of Indian scouts, 1883-94. Write membership cards, 1917-18. Athletics items ledger, 1929-34. Laws and order program communication, 1886-1945. Courtroom dockets, 1900-forty five. Records from legal actions, 1908-43. Ideas according to health insurance and passion, plus physicians’ profile, 1878-1930; hobbies subject data, 1932-50; relief program data, 1935-45; ration ideas, 1904-46; and you may unique interests reports, 1878-1964. Suggestions according to training, also emails sent to the Commissioner off Indian Affairs, 1907; system correspondence, 1928-46; attendance records, 1879-1933; student case files, 1917-51; public school deals, 1916-23; and you may articles gotten out-of Fort Belknap College, 1880-1918. Rocky Boy Agencies records, in addition to a decimal file, 1928-49; allocation ledgers, 1941-47; rehabilitation management records, 1937-45; and you can scholar circumstances records, 1935-50.

Suggestions of your Fort Belknap Indian Borrowing Committee, 1938-43

Textual Information (in the Kansas Urban area): Emails delivered and you can obtained, 1884-1912; standard and subject communication, 1891-1940, 1949- 50; and you can decimal telecommunications, 1926-68. Each and every day log, 1891, 1913-14. Annual account, 1912-19; and you will account out of superintendent’s group meetings, 1940-41. Number out-of teams, 1864-1910. Company economic suggestions, 1893-1908. Get and you will bid telecommunications, 1912-23. Information away from belongings allotments, 1893, 1909-ten, 1944-49; belongings sales, 1916, 1921-twenty-two, 1926-28; and you can home appraisals, 1915, 1948. Deal receipts and you may weighers productivity, 1892-1907, 1914. Farm profile and you can info 1928, 1934-50. Forestry log and you will account, 1932-33, 1938. Extension solution accounts, 1939-54. Heirship details, 1916-21, 1946. Census records, 1877-1940. Vital statistics, 1888-ninety, 1901-10, 1926-fifty. Department healthcare provider’s communications, 1940-45. Battle Food Management info, 1942- forty-five. Training communications, 1928-33; company university document, 1937- 51; Browning Boarding University pupils’ records, 1895; and you can details of school group, 1891-1907. Annuity payrolls and you may ledgers, 1911-twelve, 1917-18. Personal Indian money (IIM) ledgers, ledger cards, and you can ledger sheets, 1909-58; send and control details, 1951-65; and you will levels 1915-17, 1934-37. Garrison Dam enterprise data files, 1946-52. Civil Maintenance Corps details, along with decimal communications, 1933-41, and you can accounts, 1933-34, 1940. Tribal council and you will company panel times, 1902, 1917-23, 1934-thirty-six, 1950.

Textual Information (from inside the Bay area): Administrative data, 1898- 1937. Annual story and you will statistical accounts to the Administrator regarding Indian Circumstances, 1911-25. Circulars and you may relevant telecommunications, 1915-twenty six. Annual statements regarding requirements and will cost you out-of bodies houses, 1910-15. Yearly tribal census, 1910-29. Number regarding receipts and you can disbursements, 1909-17. Appropriation ledger, 1928-30. Belongings allocation assessment plan, 1927. Private Indian membership ledger, 1915-18. Private Indian money (IIM) ledgers, 1919-29. Correspondence of your own physician-in-costs, 1929-39. Physician’s periodic accounts towards the Commissioner away from Indian Points, 1909-35. Facts of your Fort Bidwell Health, 1906-40. Community matron’s account to your Administrator of Indian Circumstances, 1907-24. Industry matron’s annual details off Indian family, 1922-twenty five. College or university census, 1913-29. Suggestions regarding Fort Bidwell School, 1898-1931. Go out college records, 1909-18. Social universities registration and you will attendance account, 1908- 29.

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